Kelly Williams is a designer, crafter, instructor, and all around DIY super creative kinda gal.

Founding her clothing line, Foompa Design, in 1998, Kelly is always striving to allow for a continuous and organic evolution of her style as a designer, keeping her designs socially relevant and accessible to people of all shapes and sizes.

Kelly has shown her designs independently and with the Cloud Factory Design Collective, presenting collections in 2003 and 2004.

In recent years, her focus became more academic. She began teaching with Stitch Lounge in 2005. Her ability to clearly break down projects into accessible terms made Kelly a popular instructor. With the closing of Stitch in 2008, Kelly created the Craft Haven Collective with fellow Stitch alumni Hannah McDevitt. She also began teaching "at risk" youth with Turning Heads.

Kelly continues to teach and design... always happy to be in the creative process.

kelly at foompa dot com

Kelly lives, works, creates, and generally has a great time in San Francisco, CA.